Rediscover Your Closet

Are you making the most of your wardrobe? We all could use a little help rediscovering what we have. I work with men and women to edit their closets and creatively piece together stylish (and flattering) everyday outfits.

It’s not about buying more – it’s about wearing what you already own - well.  Together we’ll purge and donate what you don’t need. Gasp! Yes, letting go is a good thing.

With my style guidance (like what are the basic ‘must-haves’), organizational coaching (hanger maintenance + color coordination can change your life), as well as professional tips + tricks, your future clothing selection will be painless and fun.

And, who can't use a little of that to start your day right?


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My Proven Process 

First, we'll begin with a free assessment of your closet – your clothes, accessories and the organization. This isn’t about what you’re doing wrong.

It’s all about helping you see your wardrobe and how you manage it in a whole new way. Here is an overview of my process and what you can expect:

  • I will make an inventory of what you have.

  • I'll help you organize and purge your closet.

  • I will create complete outfits that complement your lifestyle.

  • I'll take photos of rediscovered outfits.

  • I will identify any ‘must-haves’ you may want to acquire for the season.

  • After completing your outfits, we can discuss how Ruby Ribbon Shapewear can smooth and enhance your overall look if wanted.

  • If desired, we can discuss updates for your closet layout + structure.

As a closet therapist, my passion is to see you lose the stress and discover enjoyment while making the most of your closet. 

While rediscovering your closet make sure
to purge & sing, organize & laugh, joke & have fun