Transitioning for Seniors

Are you (or your loved one) downsizing to a smaller space or transitioning to a retirement community? 

Do you want to avoid the conflicts that may arise with the process of transitioning? (...and you want to stay friends with your family™)

Is efficiency in a transition important to you?

Do you (or our loved one) need to re-home a pet because of a transition?

How I Can Help

I will strategize and develop a transition plan. Whether downsizing or moving into a retirement community, inevitably letting go of things collected over a lifetime is a reality. I can help purge and organize and then ensure items are donated and/or arranged for resale.

Helping Seniors move through the transition, I help remove roadblocks that can lead to justification to resist moving.

Transitions can be stressful and relationships can be strained as a result. As a neutral third-party, I have the ability to work with Seniors and their families so that everyone can remain friends.

Purchase a package of 10 hours for $750. This is a savings of $250 compared to the normal hourly rate. You can use the hours in any increment of time, helping you get to the next stage of life. 

Re-home Your Beloved Pet

I am an animal lover and passionate advocate. Through my work with animal rescue organizations, I've developed a network of support that I can leverage to help re-home beloved pets. Some may even go as far to say that I am a re-homing matchmaker.

Understanding a pet's physical and emotional needs allows me to re-home them into a positive, new forever home. I understand it's not an easy decision to make, however I believe it's an important process that needs time, understanding and love. 

Re-homing a pet is a unique process. Please email me for more information and pricing.