Transitioning for Seniors

Our parents were patient with us when we were young.

Now it's time for us to be patient as they transition into old age.

When moving to a new space or going through loss, it's important to make your loved one feel he or she is not losing their possessions, but decluttering, reconnecting and passing on their legacy.

Let's face it, you want to stay friends with your family

How I Help

Letting go of a lifetime's worth of belongings is stressful and relationships are strained. As a neutral third-party, I remove roadblocks by creating a safe space for families to all accept the inevitability of change.

Services can include:

  • Organizing belongings into categories like: keep, family member gift/heirloom, donate or repurpose
  • Transportation of items for donations, repurposing, consignment, disposal
  • Present ideas for up-cycling, repurposing, or creating unique family heirlooms 
  • Closet organization for those moving to smaller storage space
  • Pet re-homing 

Re-home Your Beloved Pet

I am an animal lover and passionate advocate. Through my work with animal rescue organizations, I've developed a network of support that I can leverage to help re-home beloved pets. I've even been labeled by friends and family as The Pet Matchmaker.

Understanding a pet's physical and emotional needs allows me to re-home them into a positive, new forever home. I understand it's not an easy decision to make, however I believe it's an important process that needs time, understanding and love. 

Re-homing a pet is a unique process. Please email me for more information and pricing.