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Elisabeth White

Independent Consultant

Why I love it

When I started Rediscover Your Closet I had many clients that asked me for a good shapewear line. At the time I only had a few choices to offer that weren't comfortable. Fast forward five years later, I discovered Ruby Ribbon and tried it myself. I was amazed at the comfort and quality of their foundation pieces. I LOVE it for myself as well as for my clients because we feel more powerful and beautiful increasing our confidence.

Email  me to learn more about how to host a party with Rediscover Your Closet / Ruby Ribbon .

Experience It Yourself

Trunk shows are fun and easy to plan. Each sale will count toward generous rewards you can use to fill up your own closet with Ruby Ribbon clothes...for FREE!

An Opportunity For You

Join us as an Independent Stylist and receive: flexibility, unlimited earning potential, and all the tools and support you need as you launch your own business.

The Collection

Featuring an innovative technology called Intomi by Ruby Ribbon, each piece in the collection is designed to smooth, hug, shape and slim a woman's body. Intomi is an exclusive shapewear technology and construction technique that is in every single Ruby Ribbon garment. 

Ditch Your Bra!

Do you want to feel confident  and comfortable in your own skin? Shop now with my direct link

Learn how Biz was inspired by Ruby Ribbon and began offering this amazing foundation wear to her friends and clients.