On the Road with Biz

My travels across the Americas - join me!

Ready to take Rediscover Your Closet on the road!

Ready to take Rediscover Your Closet on the road!

The Journey begins…

After many years of a joyous, wonderful life in Dallas, Texas, I’m hitting the road to travel across North and South America! I’ve learned so much from all the amazing women (and men) who have taken the “conscious living” journey with me. From repurposing apparel and household goods, to finding out more about my clients’ personal fashion stories through using the clothes they love - and sometimes finding the pieces they didn’t know they love. My role orchestrating their personal expression and minimizing clutter has given fulfillment to me and those who have worked with me on their path to peaceful living.

Beginning in June, I’ll be traveling across the country to spread my message:

  • Conscious living and mindfulness

  • Reducing rampant consumerism and waste

  • Learning body positive behaviors

  • Repurposing, reusing and rediscovering your own inner diva

Click here for an excellent article by NPR that describes this philosophy.

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Stay tuned for my stories on the road!


I did not leave Dallas to run away, but I knew I had some healing to do and growth I wanted to experience as well. I felt stuck and pushed by the universe to open up and expand. This week, my real solo journey begins and I am both excited and anxious. One thing I do know - the universe has my back and I will take it all in with love. Take a journey with me as I see the beauty of Mother Nature, share the joy with my furry companions, and of course, make new friends along the way!

Today, I was able to do a horseback ride through the mountains - so beautiful and serene. To be honest, my patience was tested because it was SO slow, and I was solo with a large, extended family that was on vacation together. It made me a little sad to know that I did not have anyone there besides Little Carlos, Louie and Marmaduke in the van. Then, I wondered if they felt uncomfortable by having me, a stranger, join in on their family outing. Being alone and trying new experiences without the “safety net” of all my friends around me has made me stop to think more about the relationships we foster. Family and friends are to be cherished, but it’s also necessary for us to experience life on our own terms. Let’s all dare to venture outside our comfort zones and learn from each other.

Being in Creede, Colorado has been fun, but not a place I want to land permanently. These mountains are more than amazing...they are majestic and carry so much wisdom if we just listen. Namaste 🙏 


I write this as I am taking my first THC bath bomb soak. I will let you know how it goes and what I feel. It already seems to be helping with pain and stiffness from hours in the car. Sometimes the roads are crazy bumpy when going into the forest areas and the pups feel it too. Let’s put it this way - my van is not a luxury vehicle.

Seeing the Chaco ruins was a chance encounter. I was headed from Pagosa Springs to Durango and stopped along the way to see them and caught the last tour. In Pagosa Springs, I had a massage/healing session with a lady who told me my Native roots are strong. I felt that when touring through the sacred spaces.

Our guide was an archeologist and had insight and wisdom to many spiritual events and occurrences that took place on this land in the past and still today.

I touched the rocks with my hands and envisioned what is was like when they lived in these dwellings. I enjoy learning about history and applying it to the world today. The more we understand, the more we develop and grow into our own authentic person. Our goal is not to live in the past, but to listen, evolve and make peace with it. May your heart grow with compassion and 💜.

Living Out of a Van and Motels Ain’t Easy - My Journey with Material Addictions.

I mean, am I right?! Personally, I never realized that my addiction to safety, a home, and material items was that strong. Honestly, I had done so much work already to break through a shopping addiction through working Rediscover Your Closet sessions. I thought, taking just what I “need” in a van will be SO easy breezy. Once again, I spiritually called in these lessons and am learning them one by one with a open heart. Following my heart and intuition to embrace this adventurous time with all I have within me and LETTING GO of what no longer serves me. Our body always tells us when something needs to change, listen to it.

If I inspire you to take that next leap, let me know and would love to hear how YOU have embraced change. Peace and Love ✌️🙏🏼

New Moon in Cancer July 2

Three things that cannot be hidden: The sun. The moon. And the truth. - Buddha

The truth is, I always feel a shift happen internally right before the new moon rises. Since I have started my travels, yesterday was my toughest day, by far, and my anxiety was pretty high. Letting go of stability, comfort and safety is a challenge for me. As a Libra, I have the desire to weigh everything out. This can make it difficult to make decisions quickly, so making this trip and life change happen took a perfect storm - everything had come into place with finances, hard relationships and all around quality of life.

I just finished listening to The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment. Highly recommend these books if you are ready to let life flow better and stop the need to control everything that happens.

May all of our journeys help us grow and therefore help others to do the same 🙏🏼.

Slowing Down to Enjoy the Journey

The title to this entry says it all - and I long for it. To say this trip is making me grow is an understatement. Heading back to balance in everything; and the more I delve into myself, the more this rings true. I have been solo on this adventure - with three dogs in tow - but in reality alone. It was a treat to be able to connect with high school friend this past week. Even though we need alone time, we also need friends and companions. As a Libra, balance has become forefront on my mind and something I have always craved. I’m now beginning to understand balance really is the key to a happy life.

How do you obtain balance in your life? It is always good to meditate on our lives and find out what works best for your own happiness. We are all different and that word “balance” can be what YOU need it to be for you ✌️😀.

Peace and Understanding

I randomly wound up in Baraboo, Wisconsin and was given a recommendation to check out Devil’s Lake. Little did I know I would be in the town where the Ringling Brother’s circus started which brought up SO many emotions. I have, for the past few years, despised what the circus has done to exploit humans and animals. I took a deep breath and walked into the facility that STILL holds circus acts with animals. I sent love to the space and looked around at so much history. I am trying, on this journey, to see things with clarity and a 360º view. I do have an issue with training, into submission, wild animals for our benefit but hating the circus does me no good. It only brings me anger and I released my hatred and moved on to meet some amazing people and entrepreneurs in this little town called Baraboo. I had one of the best vegan meals here and the conscious community is thriving in an amazing way. When in anger, where can we find more peace and understanding?

Spreading Love

I just finished listening to The Untethered Soul for the second time since beginning my road trip. It made me think about dogs and love. I mean, DOG spelled backwards is GOD. I call the essence of God, “Spirit” and to me it means embracing love with our whole essence and being. I watch Louie, my little brown Chihuahua, naturally spread love everywhere we go. Every stop, every person, every being that walks by he wants to say “Hi” and show them love. Can we as humans do this as well? We can if we connect to the essence of God within us all, our divine spirit.

Disconnecting from the chatter in my head and watching my mind from an outside view makes all the difference with having “monkey brain.” Approaching life with love and not fearing death can change so much in one’s own life.

Being Conscious to the Signs Around Us Takes Work


I am in a little town called Kanab where a large animal sanctuary abides named Best Friend’s Animal Society. I will say, that after volunteering with city shelters, these rescue places I have stopped at are a breeze, comparatively, to volunteer. I am grateful to these places that allow animals to live in great conditions, but also long for our city shelters to get more of the help they need. The differences are drastic.

I am amazed though when chatting with locals how it does not rub off on them to be close to the best source to adopt. I met a lady with a local cafe 1 minute from the facility that had two designer, purchased dogs and another teenager whose dad does maintenance at the sanctuary, but has litters being born every year due to not spaying or neutering their own personal dog. Ugh. Sometimes this makes me want to give up and no longer fight the fight if those closest to this place can’t even follow the signs RIGHT in front of them to keep our animals at their best. Fascinating to me, yet must keep educating and being an example. Until our laws change AND are enforced, we will never be able to save them all. That is the realistic truth and WE must in life get to the source for change, not bandage it.

Spiritual Energy

There is a difference between “people pleasing” and showing kindness. My time in Sedona has included meeting many kind, happy people and equally as many angry, unhappy people. Just because one is in a place like Sedona - a spiritual place - does not mean that everyone is on Cloud Nine. Am I right 🥴?

The people here have the same reality as the rest of us. There are still bills to pay, work to do and mouths to feed. And like everywhere else, working in service industries like retail or restaurant can just blow. I think the more I have allowed my emotions to be real, acknowledge them, have a good cry or scream and then process it, the more I have experienced growth. Stuffing our emotions inside ourselves just brings more anger towards other beings. When I do encounter angry people, I call them out and say I am sorry you are having a bad day, but it is not okay to be rude to strangers. It seems to help and then they open up and, sometimes, I have had the best, open conversations. Hope this all helps us to love our neighbor a little bit more. Be the change. ✌️💥

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours - Wayne Dyer

Best You

I love the various people I have met along my travels. Man, it is eye opening when you travel and meet all these cool souls. Getting out of my comfort zone has brought me in touch with different races, groups and ages. I love to engage with humans that are different from me and understand their stories and viewpoints.

If you are working to become a better human, then it matters not where you come from, just that you grow and evolve to become the best version of YOU ✌️.

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Here I am in Truth or Consequences and boy do I 💜 the name of this town. I have been reflecting on this three months of traveling, and it has been magical, challenging and soul growing. Probably one of the hardest things I have done. I realize from listening to the untethered soul so many times, plus being a Libra, I crave the balance which life on the road can be hard to obtain. This makes me want to find my spot, which is where I want the windows to open up from heaven and give me a definite sign 🥴, and that has just not happened yet. That is okay, because I am staying open to life and the signs coming my way. I keep practicing consciousness in the way I handle obstacles that come towards me. I know the universe has my back and I am calling in the best life possible. Send all the vibes and love my way and I will do the same for you. Peace & love ✌️💕

PS- some of these Carlsbad Cavern pics are just for your enjoyment. Go see this place!

Dark and Light. Joy and Pain. It’s all part of life.

Verbalizing my journey can be tough. Sometimes, it is hard to sum up to people what my travels are all about, and learning to read my audience is key to how I communicate this experience. For those who may not understand this path, I’m learning that I do not need to explain why I am doing this or try to justify my travels. I believe, and have seen, that healers are coming together, and the people that I am meeting on my ride are meant for me to meet. It is beautiful to have a deep and soulful conversation with those that do get why I am seeking, and that all those that wander are not lost.

My first week in Dallas was rough - integrating back into being in a big city AND working through triggers (aka falling into old habits). I have SO enjoyed connecting and reconnecting with my friends that are so amazing and encouraging. To have women and men I do not know that give me a hug and encourage me means the world. It reminds me that I need to encourage and applaud people I know that step out of their comfort zone and take a scary, risky step not knowing the outcome. I also understand that my journey is not for everyone, and it is essential to listen to your heart and soul and do it your own way.

Today, I worked on a closet for a lady that found me on Facebook, and our connection was beautiful. Her spirit was so bright, despite some truly unbelievable hardship. This reminded me how important our attitude is in everyday life. Because you know what? We were not put on this earth to suffer, but to learn and grow with joy. Shitty things will happen - no doubt, but accepting the dark and trying to stay in the light is what I aim to do daily. Sometimes, I fail miserably and other times, I don’t, but I wipe off my mistakes with grace and keep moving forward.

If this blog is encouraging to you, send me a note or follow me on Facebook and would love to join together on encouraging each other. Stay strong my friends and keep moving forward 🙏🏼💕.