Rediscover Your Own Closet (= closet therapy!)

Most men and women need help visualizing the full scope of what they currently own. This is precisely my forte. I can transform your wardrobe experience by showing you how to coordinate pieces that are flattering and creative. I’ll also walk you through the process of letting go of items that no longer serve you well. By shopping your own closet and discovering new ways to wear what you have, you save yourself time and money.

With organizational coaching such as hanger maintenance, color coordination and more, you can change your life. Seriously. It’s sometimes the small things that make the biggest impact. The way you select clothing from your closet will never be the same again. You will experience a shift from frustrated and drained to experiencing inspiration and enjoyment.

Here’s how I will work with you and your closet:

  • I will make an inventory of what you have.

  • I'll help you organize and purge your closet.

  • I will create complete outfits that complement your lifestyle.

  • I'll take photos of rediscovered outfits.

  • I'll identify any ‘must-haves’ you may want to acquire for the season.

  • After completing your outfits, we can discuss how Ruby Ribbon Shapewear can smooth and enhance your overall look if wanted.

  • If desired, we can discuss updates for your closet layout + structure.

My favorite part of the entire process is helping you see that your wardrobe is an integral part of attaining peace and relaxation in your everyday life.

While REDISCOVERING YOUR CLOSET I will work with your style and your energy, leaving you feeling empowered and confident.