Satisfied Husbands :

To the Biz-

I wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for helping out with our closets! It has inspired us to get organized in the rest of our house as well. Ashley was also excited about all of the new outfits that you helped her put together. She is now wearing clothes she didn't even know she had!!

Thank You!

The average lady has a wardrobe worth $5000 to $10000. Saving or rediscovering one outfit could save hundreds of dollars!!! It's wise, it's green, and your husband will love you for saving all that money!!!

Elisabeth, I want to take this opportunity to say "THANKS" for your input in helping Beverlee utilize all the clothing in her closet. As you know, I gave you a hard time about it up front but you really did do what you said you could do. She was able to come up with several new outfits that you suggested, and was able to use some items that she had not worn in a long time. Thanks for your help to save us some money and some time.


The Women:

Who knew 'rediscovering my closet' could be SUCH A SHOPPING SPREE!

After having two babies in the time frame God permits, I was more than apprehensive (borderline overwhelmed) at the thought of finding clothes to wear out of my pre-babies closet. I also lacked the time, energy and interest to go shopping for clothes that might fit for a short window of time. I understood for the first time what women mean when they say, 'I have nothing to wear!'

I learned of the niche service Elisabeth provided and quickly solicited her help. She provided the support and guidance needed to address my wardrobe conundrum. And while my children napped, we inventoried, purged, and rediscovered more outfits than a shopping spree would have afforded - my husband was thrilled! We found transitional outfits and new combinations of outfits once my pre-baby body made a come back. She also showed me how a few additional staple clothing items could create even more possibilities in putting together outfits AND helped me pack for a family trip only a few days out. No more frumpy mommy!

I HIGHLY recommend this amazing service that Elisabeth provides for any and all women, especially discouraged, exhausted mommies who still like to think of themselves somehow shabby-chic!


I own a womens retail shop. I had too many options, and was overwhelmed about the best, most appropriate outfits to wear and accessorize correctly. Elisabeth was able to narrow down to the best ones and assist with organizing, purging and mixing the right pieces together. It was beneficial to me so that I could sell to customers my age by wearing the right items from our shop. Elisabeth's service is an economical and intelligent way to get the most out of your closet, she adds the correct items needed, removes the ones you don't. As a store owner, I want my customers to feel great about what they buy from our shop, and love wearing it with the right accessories. With Elisabeth's help, that is just what I did for myself!


For me personally, it is such a big mental relief to have a well-organized closet. I use to go through three or four changes of clothing before I could get out the door. I am not overly fashion conscience, but I do like to look put together, and with age-appropriate clothing. I have a number of functions the next two weeks to attend, and I do not have to mentally be concerned about buying anything, because Biz and I worked on outfits with clothing already in my closet. Saving money is common sense! Biz also suggested I get rid of clothing I wasn't wearing to offer to a women's shelter. Great idea for recycling! If you have the opportunity to do a closet makeover with Elisabeth White do it. Your dollars will be well spent.

Thanks Biz.


Biz, thanks so much for organizing my closet! I love that you were able to come up with new outfits from the clothes that I already had. Now that my closet is organized, it does not take me as long to get ready for work in the mornings! Thanks Biz!


Elisabeth White faced a real challenge in helping me rearrange my closet! But she tackled it with determination; helping me sort out what was too old-looking, and what looked good or not after trying on several pants, tops, jackets etc. She has always had a flair and eye for clothes and accessorizing. She recommended putting outfits together that I had not seen before in my clothes. It was a good experience, and I am sure I will need a second time to weed out the things I convinced Elisabeth I still needed to keep!


"I was already excited about shopping my closet, but Elisabeth helped me figure out how to think differently about dressing. She is creative and knows what looks good on my body type. I would struggle with how to look cute, young and professional and still age appropriate. Elisabeth helped me with all of that, plus showed me how to look at getting ready in the morning in a whole new way. I have recommended her to several friends plus am having her come talk to my sorority alumni group. They will love her!"



Thanks for being personable, taking the time to evaluate my needs, personality, along with lifestyle to help me gain a new perspective on my wardrobe. It was nice this morning to select an outfit that was already professionally put together by simply checking through the pictures you left for me of the outfits. The information and tips you shared should make shopping in the future easier also. Thanks again.


I had tried to "shop my own closet" on my own and had failed time and time again. Elisabeth was like a breath of fresh air! Within minutes, she had me dressed in combinations of tops and bottoms that I'd never thought to put together. I feel great about my wardrobe now! I'm loving the compliments I get on my new looks, and have even managed to pair together a few "out of box" outfits myself! Thanks again, Elisabeth!


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