rediscover your own closet

Most ladies and men need help in the "big picture department". That's what I'm here for. I'll help you put together everyday outfits by coordinating looks that work with what's currently in your closet. Organizing will be a cinch with a little hanger maintenance and color coordination. Trust me, whenever we're done, no matter where you're going, clothing selection will be painless and fun. And, who can't use a little of that to start your day right?

the way i work with you and your closet

-We'll begin with a free assessment

-During which, we'll list what your needs are

-I'll help you organize, and put outfits together according to your lifestyle

-We'll make list of what is needed to help you acquire items that are missing from your wardrobe

-We'll take photos and put together an album to remember the work we did

My favorite part of the entire process is seeing you become less stressed, and enjoying and making the most of your closet for your life.!

While REDISCOVERING YOUR CLOSET make sure to: purge & sing, organize & laugh, joke & have fun!

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